Bootstrap styling on edit and date inputs

I have a bootstrap web core app that uses some edits and one TWebDateTimePicker. The bootstrap styling being used is the default that web core automatically adds. I haven't changed anything with the ElementClassName.

The styling between a TWebEdit and a TWebDateTimePicker is different, and it doesn't look good. How can I sort this out?

Also, the popup form has a black border around the form. I have an ElementClassName of "card border-4" on a WebPanel to show the gray border. I'd like to remove the black border. How can I do that?



  1. TWebDateTimePicker was improved to render out of the box with bootstrap style when it is used
  2. We added Form.ElementPopupClassName to enable to set a CSS class for the outer popup form HTML element with which you will be able to customize also the border.
    These improvements will be in the next release

Wow! That's awesome. So great to see enhancements being added so quickly. Thanks so much.

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