Bootstrap in TMS Web Core applications

Hi Bruno,

Thanks for your help on my previous questions. We are now planning to integrate Bootstrap into our web application. I found it works perfectly on any new TMS web core controls (the controls I drag into the form after I set up the bootstrap library), i.e. the Elementclassname is assigned automatically and also Elementfont property.

However, for the controls before I set up the bootstrap library, they still stay as it before (e.g. empty Elementclassname). Is there a quick way to we can assign Bootstrap class name to its according control' s Elementclassname automatically? otherwise we will have to manually update the ElementClassname property for our tons of controls.


There is at this moment sadly not a 'quick' way.
If you change to Bootstrap afterwards, the controls you want to apply the bootstrap classes to, will have to be set manually.

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