Bootstrap Demo is not theming correctly

Hi  Bruno and all TMS Team,

I'm using version trial of TMS web Core,

Using the Bootstrap demo I realize that the class used to theme the tms webbutton using the ElementClassName is not 100% ok.

Using this demo I add a new button using the same Bootstrap class but using the ElementID property from a bootstrap button in the HTML of the form, 

in the unit1.html i have :
   <p>..... <button id="btnBootStrap" type="button" class="btn btn-primary">Primary</button> </p>

I sent a picture  with the result of the page in the browser.

So the theming seems to not working correctly, but maybe I missed something.


Jose Morango

There is a small mistake in the demo.
The ElementClassName should have been set to:

'btn btn-primary'

instead of just 'btn-primary'.

We have corrected this in the demo.

Hi Bruno, 

Thanks for the  feedback.