Bootstrap 5.2 Compatibility with WebCore

Is Bootstrap 5.2 compatible with WebCore

I think you can use whatever Bootstrap version you like by updating your project's main HTML file (eg: Project1.html) with links to a CDN. I'm current using this without issue, for example:

    <!-- Bootstrap 5.2.1-->
    <script crossorigin="anonymous" integrity="sha384-u1OknCvxWvY5kfmNBILK2hRnQC3Pr17a+RTT6rIHI7NnikvbZlHgTPOOmMi466C8" src=""></script>
    <link crossorigin="anonymous" href="" integrity="sha384-iYQeCzEYFbKjA/T2uDLTpkwGzCiq6soy8tYaI1GyVh/UjpbCx/TYkiZhlZB6+fzT" rel="stylesheet"/>

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