Blue line in fncListBox

If I put som lines in this listbox and then select one by moseclick then line changes the color to blue. At first ok, but is not possible to remove this selection and set it to an other line by code, only by mouseclick or with arrow keys.

Even if I delete all Items and fill the list new, the blue line is still visible and stays at the same position.

What can I do?

To remove the selection please use TMSFNCListBox1.ItemIndex := -1;

Hello, I tried but this helps not.

I found some other problems in this component, also the same in TMSFNCTableView and TADVTableView.

  1. After click on a line, the selection stays even if I delete all items (items.clear) an fill new.

  2. if ther is a long list, and I want to set the last Item in view, never setting itemindex, selectItem or scrolltoitem works

My target is that I show a maybee long list of Items, and the last one should be always visible and selected. Only if the user clicks one item, this should be temporay selected and after the user action the selection goes back to the last item.

What did you try exactly? When selecting an item, setting the ItemIndex will change the selection, setting it to -1 will clear the selection. Please provide more info on what you are trying and where it fails