BlockStart and BlockEnd problem

when i try BlockStart and BlockEnd  with AdvBasicMemoStyler result was:

1- all Brackets block not work 
2- end if not work as right.
3- it check (end) word only but after space no check it (end if)
4 - when use (for,if,try) at BlockStart and (next,end if,end try) there is problem block highlight not right .

thank you.

Are you trying to use these block markers for single code lines?
Code blocks are designed to be used to indicate multiline code blocks, i.e. something like

// some code here

yes i trying use block.

even when it in single line when there many Brackets like ((((()))))) i need show here to know is any braket is close or no (thes like other editors).

please trying sample.

thank you for response.

As I explained, block highlighting is to highlight code blocks, i.e. multiple lines of code and is not the same as parenthesis matching.
There is currently not a built-in feature to do parenthesis matching in TAdvMemo.

even multiple lines not work with basic code

i hope that you training this:
end if

end try
i know that pascal code is good because block (begin ..end) only

It is unfortunately a limitation that block identifiers can be single words only