Berlin Up1, Win10 - IWDBTMSCtrlsReg.pas not found

hi there,.

Delphi Berlin Update 1
Windows 10

i get an error "IWDBTMSCtrlsReg.pas not found" when trying to build IW14TMSDxe10UPD.dproj

Can you please make sure you are using the correct file?
For IW 14, please rename to in the folder where the TMS IntraWeb Component Pack was installed. Please see install.txt for detailed instructions.

i found the problem.
i did changed the tmsdefs correctly, but i tried to install from a new removable drive.
the drive was compressed (by default...), and only after i re-formated and made it uncompressed drive - it worked.

very strange...

Thank you for your very quick help response  :)