Basic Authentication with TTMSFNCCloudBase


How do I encode Basic Authentication (username, password) with TTMSFNCCloudBase to access a REST server?
I didn't find anything about it in the documlentation or in this forum.

Thank you in advance

(Sorry, in FNC UI Pack. Should be in FNC Core)

Have you tried to add the authentication info your server requests to the TTMSFNCCloudBaseRequest.Headers ?

Hi Bruno,

Yes. I know that I must use something like:

cb.Request.AddHeader('Authorization', 'Basic ' + base64Credentials);

Is it just a matter of encoding the concatenation of

plainCredentials:= Concat(UserName, ':', Password);

And then encrypting the resulting string with Base64 and pass that as the parameter in the header ?

Thank you in advance


Here is a helper of what you basically have to add to the header for basic authentication: