Bad definition of Date in your units.

I have a unit that use, for a long time, this sentence:
       FEditDocument.DTE_ORD_MNF.AsDateTime := Date;

After add to the uses clause of the same unit your uno FMX.TMSTaskDialog, this line shows me the next error:
      E2010: Incompatible types 'TDateTime' and 'TFMXInputType'

because you have defined this type like this:
    TFMXInputType = (ComboEdit, ComboList, Custom, Date, Edit, Memo, None, Password, Time);

I know what is the solution: 
    FEditDocument.DTE_ORD_MNF.AsDateTime := System.SysUtils.Date;

But you are going to agree with me in that this is not a good programming practice: use standard names inside particular units.

I assume DateUtils is added to the second uses list (under the implementation section), and the FMX.TMSTaskDialog is added to the uses list at the interface section? Then you can still use Date instead of prefixing it with the namespace, or you can use TFMXInputType.Date when configuring the TTMSFMXTaskDialog. Please note that in FireMonkey, there are many types that are defined this way, and you always need to prefix the value with the type definition.

Saying things like these in your forums don't lead you with reason:

1st: you should not construct the components assuming a determinate place for the uses clause. (I use the componet creating it on the fly, in a controller -a unit that do not has a .fmx companion file).

2nd: The units of the namespace "System" are the same for VCL and FMX. As, by principle, you should not combine in the same program, the units from VCL namespace and FMX namespace, there are no posibility of conflicts of this type between the units of Delphi.

The conflict comes from your units and the units of the "System" namespace. And this, in union with the response of my question, make me think about the quality of your products. 

Not true?

What about TAnimationType defined in FMX.Types

  TAnimationType = (&In, Out, InOut);

Which uses the Out Delphi keyword. This implies you ALWAYS need to prefix with TAnimationType.

Next we have 

TNumValueType = (Integer, Float);

Which uses prefined and known data types, which implies you ALWAYS need to prefix with TNumValueType.

So using a type prefix is common behavior in FMX.

Pieter Scheldeman2016-06-10 17:01:10

I invite you to first have a good look at the standard FireMonkey framework library source code and get acquainted with standards that we follow before making insults about our code quality.
End of discussion. 

where are you seeing an insult? I'm sorry if you thing that this offends you!

I'm sure the quality of your code is at the same level that the documentation of your products.

Where do you have documented the "standards that you follow"'?
I'm pretty sure of where is this documentation.


what dictatorial order is that...    the discussion finish when is solved.
Or you want to say that can leave a customer without response? 
1) Your question was answered.
2) Did you have a good look at the standard FireMonkey framework source code? 

1) Your question was answered.

     As you can see at my initial exposition, I'm not searching a response.
     Initially I was making a contribution.

2) Did you have a good look at the standard FireMonkey framework source code? 

    Yes of course. 

As you can see I don't consider an offense your question. You are free of thinking about my level of knowledge what you want. And I do not go to give you strong sentences. Never!

Have you take a look to firemonkey?   It seems you are still thinking in VCL terms. (this is a free contribution, I don't want offend you)

If you don't have more orders to give, I'm going to continue with my job.

Thank you and... keep calm!!!    People is better that you think!!

(in all aspects)

We have been investigating the FireMonkey framework even before it was officially released by Embarcadero and are delivering components for it since Delphi XE2 and I have personally given sessions on conferences around the world about the development of components for FireMonkey and now you question if we looked at FireMonkey...   and I shouldn't feel offended by that. Wow.Bruno Fierens2016-06-12 14:51:21