AV on tapping annotation button


I run into a strange problem when testing on my device. The code does run great in the simulator however: 

I create annotations like in the example project, with an assigned right accessory button.

When I tap it however, I get an access violation because the annotation passed to OnAnnotationRightCalloutAccessoryTapped is not a valid reference.

When tracing this back to the code, I see that the following call is made   

ann := FMapView.GetAnnotation(annotationView);

This code returns an invalid ann. Tracing even further into above method reveals that 

      if Assigned(Annotations.AnnotationView) then

is never valid, annotationview is never assigned.


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Is it working correctly in the Demo?

Please post your code so we can investigate here.

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This occurs when userlocation is enabled on the map. When userlocation is off, then the correct annotation is passed to the event.

Just started the demo app with ShowUserLocation = true, and it crashes too there

Issue is fixed and will be available in the next release.

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