Autosize not working well for OfficeRadioGroup & OfficeCheckBox

Setting the Autosize to True for an OfficeCheckBox can make it's width shrink, but not grow. Either design & runtime.
When I set it's caption by code, I must set a very large Width, and then set Autosize to True to make it dimension correctly.

It's inherited property Autosize does not perform well as it does for GroupBoxes with child controls.
That's because the RadioGroup's radio buttons have this sort of space-equally feature that makes them adapt to Height changes.
When you set a TOfficeRadioGroup AutoSize to Both or Vertical, you get almost random results.
What often happens is that the whole control shrinks when the Autosize is set and you change the size in design or runtime mode.

Because of this space-equally feature, it's DoAutoSize routine should be different and calculate the vertical size based on the number of radiogroup rows needed, instead of based on the RadioGroupBox child controls current position (what works well for a regular GroupBox).

Design mode demo video of these issues

We did enhancements to the components now for handling auto sizing better.
The next update of TMS VCL UI Pack will include these enhancements.