AutoRowSize and scrolling with PageMode=true


just seen another problem: if PageMode=true and I call AutoSizeRows there are two problems:

  1. if I scroll down the row-heights stay fix on the last position and doesn't change while scrolling
  2. The row-height are not shown from the displayed rows but from the top-rows

If you need some example I can send it to you.

Thanks, Peter

By design, with PageMode = true, a call to AutoSizeRows will only adapt sizes of visible rows.

Set PageMode = false if you do not want this.

ok, but with PageMode=true not the visible rows are sized but it seems to take data from the top rows. You can see that by scrolling down and then resize the rows. Add a large text to the first row and the rowheights will be alway large even if the displayed row has only one column.