Automatic Scroll


I’am using AdvStringgrid in Delphi 2010. Can i disable the scroll function when i’m move my mouse at the end of the Grid?


Are you referring to horiz. scroll or vertical scroll?
Are you referring to selecting a cell with the mouse?

If this is about horiz. scroll, try to set  advstringgrid.Navigation.KeepHorizScroll = true

What i forgot to say is that i have hoover buttons. I'am only move with my mouse over the last row that is'nt show complete than the grid scroll forward to show the full row and my mouse is on the same position. So on the grid scrol Forward again...

If you use HoverButtons, it is indeed a built-in behavior that the grid will bring the row for which the hover button action applies in full view, i.e. scroll when necessary.

Can I turn it off? I want scroll only with the scrollbars!

There is currently not a built-in setting to turn off this behavior.