when I use Flexcel to create an autofilter I can only have it on one row but in Excel you select a range and apply the the autofilter on that.

The consequences are that when I click Sort in the toolbar when I have a cell selected it sorts the whole sheet, not just the autofilter area.

Is there a way to make the autofilter work as I had created it in Excel?

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Gunnar Steinn Magnússon 

I Am not sure I understood the question.

Both FlexCel and Excel will apply the autofilter to all the cells below the autofilter up to the first blank cell. If you sort, it will sort up to the first blank row.

If you are referring to the left and right columns of the autofilter, you need to set up that in FlexCel too. 
Can you send me 2 xls files, one with the autofilter created in Excel and the other in FlexCel so I can see the differences?


Ps: I am not sure it is possible to attach things to this forum, so just send them to
I will reply here.

Hi Adrian, thanks for the reply.

Sorry if I'm unable to explain it, I'll send you the Excel workbooks on Monday but after I added the empty row above the autofilter, as you suggested the problem was fixed.

The autofilters don't behave exactly the same but it works well now :)

Gunnar Steinn

ps. thanks for an excellent product, really fixed my Interop bugs!

Glad to know at least it was fixed. I will be waiting for the spreadsheets to see if there is something else that can be done.

That is strange, since an Autofilter Record in an Excel file just has 3 parameters, the row where the autofilter is, and the first and last column. Nothing else is saved in the file, and those 3 values are the ones you set in the SetAutofilter call. But well, we'll see with the examples, I must be missing something, maybe some other record that is saved too.

Gunnar Steinn

Thanks for the comment :)  We really appreciate.