Autocompletion work incorrectly


I'm working with Auto completion function in TAdvMemo and found this incorrect behavior. When user enters text to memo, the auto-competion popups and displays the matching item list. If user keep typing a word that completely matches an item in the list then followed by some keys  such as '(',  '.' ' then the completion list disappear, however the above key dowsn't appear in the memo text.

Example: if user enter 'aName' to the memo box, which match the completion list, the list appears after the 3rd character (which is 'a'). If user keeps typing full word 'aName(', which has  '(' keyfollows ' the word 'aName', then the completion list disappears but character '(' doesn't appear in the memo text. The memo now only has word 'aName' instead of 'aName('

Could you please check and let me know.


Thanks for reporting.
We investigated this and applied an improvement.
This improvement will be included in the next release.