Auto show/hide a TAdvToolBarSeparator?

In a TAdvToolbar, we allow the user to show or hide buttons. These buttons can be similar so we use a separator to divide similar functionality between buttons, like Split Cell, Combine Cell would be similar and Delete Row, Insert Row might also be considered similar functions, so we would add a separator between those two pairs. If the user wanted to hide all of these buttons using the auto options menu, the separators remain and looks pretty bad.

I don't see an event to know if a button toggles visibility in which I could check which buttons are visible and show/hide the respective separator as needed.

Would it be possible to add that event, or even better, a feature that would automatically show or hide a separator if it is not separating any visible buttons on both sides of it?

We have added an event AdvToolBar.OnControlVisibleChange that will be included in the next release.