Auto RowHeight on MultiLine Cells

Hi Guys,

I insert multiple lines in some cells in a TAdvStringGrid, which works fine.
But I must manually increase the RowHeight of the specific Row to see all lines.
I want the RowHeight automatically follow the lines added.

I'm sure there is an Option - but I can't find.

Thanks for any help !

You can call grid.AutoSizeRows() 

Hey Nancy,

wow - that was quite fast ! I was looking for one single property to fulfill all my wishes with one option...
But since my wishes change more than daily I guess it's better that there isn't such an option.

As a reminder for me, when I search for this again ;-)
I added it to OnEditingDone for the current Row and also I call it for all Rows after Data has been loaded into the Grid. Grid.MultiLine and goRowSizing must be set to True.

Regards, Tom
A small tip, if you want to have the height change when you are editing inside the grid you can set

grid.MultiLineCells :=true;
grid.SizeWhileTyping.Height := true

and when typing text followed by Ctrl-Enter, a new line is inserted and when needed the row height is increased.

Hi Nancy,

thanks - grid.SizeWhileTyping.Height did the trick !

This was exactly, what I was looking for...