Authentication for Wordpress


I want to write a Web Core application for synchronize a SQLServer database used by WooCommerce installed in WordPress.  The authentication used is the so-called OAuth 2.0 for WordPress

In Wordpress you generate a Client Key and a Client Secret

There basic authentication is not used but the so-called OAuth 2.0  standard.

How should I use the Client Key and Client Secret text strings when using TWebHttpRequest ?


Nols Smit

Authentication via OAuth2 is a bit more complex than just using TWebHttpRequest. You need to redirect to the Wordpress page for login.

The most straightforward way would be to have a look at the code for the TWebmyCloudData component that implements OAuth2 for the service (unit WEBLib.myCloudData.pas)

Bruno Fierens2020-06-03 22:16:07

Are any demos or YouTube videos available to use the TMS Web Rest components where OAuth 2 is involved?

We do not have a Youtube video about this specific part.
The source code of TWebmyCloudData component should in our opinion serve as the most straightfoward example implementation.