Aurelius Install Hangs

Have just purchased the TMS Business Subscription, and have started to install.

RAD Studio Seattle (Pro).

When installing TMS Aurelius 2.9.0 it hangs during "Installing in Delphi 10 Seattle (iOSDevice32) ..." phase.

The preceding Win32/Win64/OSX32 & iOSSimulator phases complete.

I suppose that it might be after the iOSDevice32 phase completes & before the next (Android or iOSDevice64) phase begins.

I've tried both on my desktop (Win 7) and laptop (Win 10), same problem.

Any suggestions ?

How much time are you waiting for it? The iOSDevice32, iOSDevice64 and Android installs take significant more time than the other platforms. Please try to just wait longer for it to finish. You can get a clue if it's doing something by checking the CPU usage in your Task Manager, if it's high it just means Delphi is compiling the files for iOSDevice32.

I'm use to the iOS/Android compilations taking longer but this seems excessive.

For example, the Win32/64 installs are taking a couple of minutes each, but I have waited 20 minutes for the iOS ones. Will try again. and leave while I have lunch !

If win32/64 are taking minutes, then 20 minutes is expected for iOSDevice/Android. Nevertheless, I'd like to say that we have improved that for the next installers, and the next version (which should be released this or next week) will have this install time improved significantly.

yes, it would appear that I was being impatient !

iOSDevice32 has completed and Android is now installing !!

Many thanks

Thanks for the feedback. As I said, this will improve a lot in next version.