Aurelius find method generates double parameters with the same value.

This code
{ fList := Manager.Find<TT_MessageQueue>.Take(10)
.Where(((Linq['Status'] = 'F') or (Linq['Status'] = 'I')) and
(Linq['ContentType'].IsNotNull) and
((Linq['ProcessingPostponedUntil'].IsNull) or
(Linq['ProcessingPostponedUntil'] < Now)))
.OrderBy('RecordID', False).List;
for fMessageQueue in fList do}

Generates this query
exec sp_executesql N'SELECT A.AttachedFile As f0_ FROM t_MessageQueue A WHERE ((A.RecordID = @P1) AND (A.RecordID = @P2))',N'@P1 int,@P2 int',427515,427515

Is there anything I can do to prevent this behavior?

Kind Regards,
Peter Smet

Problem is solved I had two identical ID fields in my class definition. You may close this..

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