Aurelius / Echo Event after Data insert or update

Event control with TMS Echo / Aurelius.
I created a Windows client service with Aurelius and Echo. The data exchange between the clients and the server works perfectly.
The data is recorded via an app. Everything perfect too. Data insert to the database, echo send data to the server via the service and forwarded to all clients. Perfect.
Now my problem:
I use an TMSFNCPlanner application. The items in the planner should now be updated as soon as Echo has entered new data into the database via the service.
Is there an event control for Aurelius that recognizes the new entry and enables the planner items to be updated.
When I use Aurelius Events, this is unfortunately only possible within an app. The manager must be activated.
If the data comes into the database via an external app (service), I have no change to recognize the data change with the Aurelius events.

I don't want to use any database triggers or timer if possible.
Or does ECHO have the option to trigger an event after a batch load?

Thanks for any help

It's you (the developer) who invoke the batch load process of Echo. It's not done automatically. Thus, can't you simply do a refresh of the planner after the batch loading process?

All Echo functions run in the service, not in the app with the FNCPlanner. My concern is that even if the app is NOT running, the database will be updated (hence the service). And for that the Aurelius / Echo combination is just perfect!!

Also the batch load process is a service process

The server database will be updated by the service, but for the client database to be updated, the client must be running. It's the client that loads data from the server and updates its local database.

That is not correct. My service runs on EVERY client . The program writes the data to the local database. The service exchanges the data with the server. The application does NOT have to run for this

Ok, but then the service runs on the client. In this case you need to build a communication somehow between your service and client (messages, database flags, etc.) to notify the client about it.

Hello Wagner,
i solved the problem. I use a Thread Timer. That works at the background, check if new Items upload to the local database and refresh the planner.
Thx for your help.

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