Aurelius.Drivers.dbGo.pas gets not compiled

Compiling \drio\AureliusPackages.groupproj does not compile Drivers.dbGo.

Am I missing something?

Aurelius.Drivers.dbGo is not included in aurelius.dpk package, that's why it's not compiled.

You should add the folder "<aureliusdir>\source\drivers" to your Delphi library path, but the Aurelius installer should have already done that.
What exactly are you trying to accomplish, and what is the exact error you get?
I do not want to add 3rdParty code to my library path. Otherwise a build of my project compiles all 3rd party libs too and I have DCUs of the same files all over.

3rd party libs should be precompiled or should provide a simple way to recompile (eg another platform). This is best achieved with a DPRO ort DPROGROUP where all source files are referenced. This is why I recompiled the aurelius DPK.

Why not add a DPK for the \drivers dir?

Because the "Drivers" files require units that are not present in all Delphi versions. Thus each user will make a different use of it. 

i see. Tx.