Aurelius dataset and FMX problems


I created an small fmx application to try out the Aurelius component.  It looks there are some problems on the FMX platform and the Aurelius Dataset. 

I'm trying to summarize it:
1.  Master-Detail query problem explained here. There is a solution but that will remove the RAD concept.
2. In just a simple binding example with a normal straight object collections I get an exception/crash when you edit a grid cell and then move your up or down cursor to another row. If you hit enter first then updates just work.
3. Refresh on the binded navigator does not work.

I hope you can help!


Hello Edward,

I'm sorry about that. However, we really need some reproducible code examples/samples so we can try to help you (debug, check what's going on). The second item looks really like a FMX control issue, no Aurelius dataset. But in any case, if you could please setup a project and provide us with an e-mail with the project and steps to reproduce the issue, we can take a look for you.


Hell Wagner,

I just send a demo project to support. Its a  stripped down version of the Music Library demo. In FMX of course.

Hope you can help.

Hell -> Hello

Hello Edward,

We have received your demo, thanks.

1. As explained, unfortunately FMX doesn't have (that I know of) fetch-on-demand mechanism. There isn't much we can do about it.

2. This seems to be a FMX bug. When checking the call stack, there is no Aurelius code involved. Just a KeyPress handling and then Access Violation. See below:

:73e2be6b ; C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64\user32.dll
:73e2833a ; C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64\user32.dll

3. Refresh indeed doesn't work (it's the same in VCL). For refreshing the dataset, you need to Close/Open it.

It looks like that the aurelius dataset is not compatible with the fmx binding system. 

but the Openwire binding system does work with aurelius dataset.

Good to hear that Openwire works.

Have you replaced Aurelius Dataset by another one and that keyboard procedure works?

Yes I did. That works.

I'm sorry, but I took the time to replace it by a TFDMemTable and the problem is still the same. It doesn't look at first sight that it's "Aurelius Dataset is not compatible with FMX binding system". Looks like just a bug in FMX binding system. I will send you the test project.

I will take a look

I can confirm its the binding system. I tested it probably with a other vcl app.

Anyway I tested it also with a livebinding demo to be sure and that fails too.  I added a bug report to Embarcadero: