Aurelius and GUI best practice

What is the best practice to bind GUI with objects?

What do you prefer? 
TMSAureliusDataset, LiveBindings or binding by hand?

I need to rewrite my old Delphi 7 application but I'm still in doubt to use ORM or not?


I'd use TAureliusDataset because that's a "generic" binding that is typical to Delphi. You can then use db-aware controls, reports, and even live bindings, through the dataset. But I'd love to hear the opinion of other users of course.

You want complete control, then only manual bindings, an exception, in my opinion only a Grid!

The truth is that basically you have to use TAureliusDataset if you want
to develop fast but for sure you are going to need manual bindings on
specific occasions for example calculation and view of aggregate values.

Thank you all for your answers.

After intensive testing seems that working with datasets is the most elegant way for binding and I decided to work with TMSRemoteDB instead of Aurelius and XData.

I am planning to create custom TDriverConnectionAdapter and move all business logic from client to middle tier.  The client application will don't know if data comes from a database or something else.