Aurelius and ElevateDB

I am trying to convert one of my applications to XData and eventually to Webcore. When I try to make a connection to ElevateDB, I get the following error: ‘Adapter “ElevateDB” is not supported at design-time.

If this is correct how would I create the Entities?


Hello @Van_Der_Merwe_Rijk, welcome to TMS Support Center!

Indeed, out of the box, Aurelius doesn't provide design-time support for 3rd-party database access components, as they are not installed by default in Delphi.

There has been a similar discussion for UniDAC components, to workaround it you have to create a Delphi package, add the ElevateDB units to it and install it.

Alternatively, and easier in my opinion, you can just use TMS Data Modeler to import the ElevateDB database and create the entity classes.