Attributes' types changes not updated


I have an Adress class with attributes like number, streetname, ZIP code etc.
On this class I used automapping.
When I first created my database with a DatabaseManager object some columns were of type Integer.
I changed it to String in my Adress unit, but then when I perform a UpdateDatabase and then check in pgAdmin (Im using PostgreSQL) the columns data type are style Integer.

It's no big deal as it could remain integers but I was wondering if I had missed anything ?

I tried to Create an adress right before updating the database to make sure that Aurelius had knowledge of my changes but it didn't work either.

UpdateDatabase doesn't perform "dangerous" operations. Or to put in another way, changes that could result in data loss, or changes that might not be possible and raise errors from the database server. Changing the field data type is one of them.

However, Aurelius reports all changes that it detected but decided not to update. You can have more info here:

Hi thanks for the reply.

Actually at the moment my DB is empty so i don't really mind..
The thing is that even in pgAdmin when I want to modify my column type (from integer to string) I can only chose from numeric types (smallint etc).
I guess the only thing to do is to delete the table then rebuild it with aurelius? 

Yes, for now that would be the option. Or just delete the column, Aurelius can recreate it.