attributes and operations invisible (TTMSFNCBloxUMLClassBlock)

I played a little bit with your components.

I tried to add a TTMSFNCBloxUMLClassBlock programatically. That works like the example in the documentation.

If i add attributes they are always invisible. Did a way exists to display these attributes?

c:= TTMSFNCBloxUMLClassBlock.Create;
c.ShowAttributes := True;
c.UMLClassName := 'Testclass';
c.Restrictions := [];
c.Left := x;
c.Top := y;

for i := 0 to attributeList.count-1 do
attribute := c.Attributes.Add;
attribute_str := SplitString(attributeList[i],';;');
attribute.Name := attribute_str[0];
attribute.TypeName := attribute_str[1];
s :=attribute_str[2];
if s = 'public' then
attribute.Visibility := uvPublic else
if s = 'protected' then
attribute.Visibility := uvProtected else
attribute.Visibility := uvPrivate;
attribute.InitialValue := attribute_str[3];

Thank you for reporting this.
After investigating your problem, It seems that some issues arose in UML with the transition from Diagram to TMS FNC Blox.

We will revision the code and this should be fixed in the next major update of TMS FNC Blox.

Thanks for the information. At the moment, i've got a lot other work/projects, on the other hand, it would be nice to have access to the beta version when this feature is fixed. I am a "All Access" user since a few days - so can you tell me how i could get access. (can be done be private email if you prefer this)

That would be great.
I've retrieved your email address from our system and will give you an update once it is implemented to check if you are still interested to test.

Thank you.