Attribute Model

I've been testing the simplest example of Aurelius.
Instead of using automapping, I wanted to map the class by myself.
The problem I encountered in the same example was that when I add the [Model ('Test')] attribute or any other model, I can neither query nor write through Aurelius itself.
When I try to write, I get the message that the TPerson class is not valid, and that the [Entity] attribute is missing.
When I try to query, the error is that the TPerson class is not registered.
If the [Model] attribute is commented on, everything works normally.
Can anyone imagine why that is not working with the [Model] attribute ???

The idea of Model attribute is exactly to group your entities through logical models. When you create a TObjectManager without specifying a mapping explorer, it will use the one for the model "Default":

Manager := TObjectManager.Create(Conn);

 If you add the [Model] atrribute with parameter "Test", you are "moving" that entity class from model "Default" to model "Test", thus such class is not found anymore in model Default. To manipulate classes belonging to model "Test", you need to use this code:

Manager := TObjectManager.Create(Conn, TMappingExplorer.Get('Test'));

More info here: