Async Events for footer values

Is there an event I can capture when DynaText footer values are captured?  I would like to update other elements of the page.  I have the DynaEdit columns working and the column footers are summing as needed.  I just need an opportunity to update other areas with those values.

There is currently not  a server side async event for when this changes.
You could implement a client event like DynEditDone that is triggered when editing ends, i.e. at that time
the value of the footer will have been updated as well.

I have since changed the project and now need an event that tells me the DynaEdit has changed.  Is that what you mean?

Yes, the ClientEvents.DynEditDone event is fired when the editing of DynEdit ends.

I've never used the ClientEvents.  Do I have to use java script there?  Can I reference the UserSession, or form methods?

Yes, ClientEvents are meant to be used with JavaScript.
Server side code can not be referenced when using ClientEvents.
The DynEdit column type is designed specifically to function without server calls. Therefore there are no server events related to a DynEdit, only ClientEvents.