Assigning image to TAdvReflectionImage

I have TAdvPolyPager with TWedgeItem that has assigned image of type TAdvGDIPPicture.

How can I assign TAdvReflectionImage Picture property with the above picture?

I already tried AdvGDIPPicture1->Picture = WedgeItem1->Image; but that gives
E2034 Cannot convert 'Advgdip::TAdvGDIPPicture * const' to 'TGDIPPicture *'

The question is for C++ Builder.

Is it possible to assign PNG images stored in TGDIPPictureContainer to other
VCL components such as TAdvReflectionImage?

How about assigning images to TAdvReflectionImage from regular TImageList?

I've managed to assign image to TAdvReflectionImage through saving and loading from TMemoryStream. Is there a more direct way of assigning image?

The only way is to save it to a stream.

The TGDIPPicture is not directly compatible with TAdvGDIPPicture.

The GDIPPictureContainer uses the same image type, so the approach must be done in the same way.

To assign an image from an ImageList use the following code:

  bmp: TBitmap;
  bmp := TBitmap.Create;
  ImageList1.GetBitmap(0, bmp);

Kind Regards, 
Scheldeman Pieter