Assign a value to cell

Dear experts,

I try to assign a value (string, integer or float) to a cell with e.g.

myGrid->Ints[1,1] = 10;
myGrid->Floats[1,1] = 10.2;
myGrid->Cells[1,1] = "Test";

all I got is an error message of the compiler:

function call with too few argumente _fastcall TAdvStringGrid::SetInts(int, int, const int);
(or SetFloats, SetCellEx)

Did I do something wrong? How can I set value of a cell?

I am using TMS Component Pack for C Builder Embacardero XE2

Best regard,

I got the solution. To access the cell in C++

myGrid->Cells[1][1] = "Test";

Not myGrid->Cells[1,1] = "Test"; as described!!!