AppMethod Support


I am testing the Embarcadero AppMethod and have installed iCL into it. As your other FireMonkey components, the installer recognised AppMethod as Delphi XE6. (Your FireMonkey Charts work with AppMethod).

However, for iCL, it said FMX.TMSNativeUICore was compiled with a different version of Macapi.ObjectiveC.TOCGenericImport..........

So, just wonder will you add a trial version for AppMethod, currently 1.14. Thanks!

At this time we do not have official AppMethod support. We have not yet validated our components against AppMethod. 
What could maybe help with the current XE6 install is to make sure you build your app in release mode and not in debug mode as our trial versions are build for / limited to release mode only.

Building the app in release mode cannot solve the problem.

Was the iCL built with XE6, without update 1?

The latest download of TMS iCL trial is compiled against XE6 update 1, release mode.

I have tried out all FireMonkey Trials, only that iCL Trial not work, no matter in Debug or Release mode.

Just installed the iCL trail into Delphi XE6 Update 1,  same issue happened, no matter Debug or Release:

[DCC Fatal Error] UCollectionView.pas(8): F2051 Unit FMX.TMSNativeUICore was compiled with a different version of Macapi.ObjectiveC.TOCGenericImport`2.GetOCClass

Is this Delphi XE6 upd 1 with mobile pack or RAD Studio XE6?

Also, did you do a FULL reinstall of XE6 upd1 (instead of just updating) ?

It is a fresh installation of RAD Studio XE6 update 1 from this file: radstudio_xe6_upd1_esd.exe

Just wonder why all TMS Firemonkey Trials work except the iCL one.

iCL links to other files than TMS Pack for FireMonkey.

Perhaps you have a different xCode version / lib files than the one with which the trial was compiled here?