ApplicationServices not instantiating (D2010)

Hi all!

Does anyone have an idea why my ApplicationServices variable is not getting instantiated when I try to create a simple Hello World type test?
The demos from the distribution work so I don't think it's an installation problem.
I'm getting frustrated as I cannot see any (significant) difference between the demo project and mine.


Not sure what is causing this. Do you setup package dependencies properly ?

If a problem persists, most likely, the fastest way to trace this is by sending some sample source project that has the problem by direct email.

Thanks for your reply.

It seems to me one reason could be the upfintf package (which contains the ApplicationService variable) is not consistently seem by the application and the plugin.
One reason may be differing search paths (I haven't verified this yet).
Since the demo projects work there should be some viosible differences between project options.

I'll go through the project settings and get back with the sample project if the problem still persists.


Ok. I finally saw where I had a difference.
I was loading the plugins in an overridden TForm.Loaded method.
The demo was doing this in TForm.FormShow.

I changed mine to do the same and presto! It seems I need to go back and review when different things get initialized. Apparently the applictionservices variable gets initialized AFTER loaded but BEFORE FormShow.
This was a silly oversight on my part. Live and learn, eh?


Ok, thanks for informing the issue was found & solved.