"Application Pools"


IIS has the concept of "application pools". You can specify different application pools for different ISAPI applications. The idea being that

a) if an individual ISAPI application crashes, it does not bring down the entire server
b) you can stop, start, reset the memory for an individual ISAPI application without affecting the others

Does TMS sparkle have this kind of idea, or if one of my Server Modules corrupts memory or otherwise crashes in a bad way, it can take down the entire system?

Hello David, TMS Sparkle gives you freedom for that. You can have multiple THttpSysServer classes running in the same application. Or you can simply separate them by applications.

That would be your "application pool" - a bunch of Sparkle Http.Sys servers running the same "application" - a Windows Service usually, or even a console or VCL/FMX application.