Application Crash on Startup on Older Windows Clients & Servers Due to CryptRetrieveTimeStamp in crypt32.dll


After installing the latest versions of all TMS FNC products and rebuilding my project, my application crashes on startup on Windows Server 2003 with the following error:

The procedure entry point CryptRetrieveTimeStamp could not be located in the dynamic link library crypt32.dll.

I'm not sure which product is causing the error.

A quick search shows that the minimum supported client for CryptRetrieveTimeStamp is Windows 7 and server is Windows Server 2008 R2. However, my clients still use Windows Server 2003.

Kindly, advise

Supposedly, CryptRetrieveTimeStamp is a function used by the TTMSFNCWebBrowser core runtime, so this requires a specific Windows version.

Hi Pieter

Thank you for your answer.

I need to find a solution for this. I have customers that STILL use windows server 2003 (even XP).

This happened with the latest updates (probably a couple of updates ago, since I skipped a couple). I haven't used any new TMS components in my software.

Please, advise

CryptRetrieveTimeStamp is not used in any FNC component directly, so it must be a sub-unit or third-party library or framework that you are targeting, I initially thought the webview2 runtime uses it, but it could very well be something else. Can you list your FNC components that you are using in your application?

The ONLY control used is TTMSFNCMaps. FYI, these are the TMS units used in the "uses" clause:


TTMSFNCMaps uses TTMSFNCWebBrowser, which uses the edge chromium engine. And Microsoft does not support Windows Server 2003, which already stopped receiving support in 2015.