Is it possible to append to XML. I noticed that other formats such as CSV, XLS, HTML have two methods: SaveToxxx and AppendToxxx. However, I cannot find AppendToXML. I tried changing the List Descriptor argument (i.e. Invoices, Customers, etc.) on every iteration, but still the file is overwritten. 

Is there a work around?


Sorry, at this moment there is not an 'append' for the XML file type. This is not trivial as there is no guarantee the XML structure of the file you want to append to matches the XML structure of the new grid data you want to append. If you have always the same 2d data structure, you could use a CSV as intermediate step, i.e. read the XML, save to CSV, append the new data to CSV and then read the new CSV that has the data appended and export to XML.Bruno Fierens2019-11-17 09:30:00