APImate Textbox rotated text - not giving code that rotates text

Sorry me again....

Been trying to work out how to create text boxes with rotated text (worksheet or chart, not been able to do either)

API mate does not change the code it returns if I take a very simple file of a few calles and one simple text box, the save it with normal text orientation, and rotated. The code from APImate 7.12 is basically identical and if I execute it, the text is horizontal both times.

I can live without APImate handling it, as long as I can work out how to do it, but it seems that it is always best if APImate deals with it [as it would stop me having to ask questions here... :slight_smile: ]


Th issue here is kind of the same as before: Rotated text is not a possibility in the original xls shape engine, and there are 2 completely different strings: TDrawingRichString in xlsx files and TRichString in xls files, with completely different stuff, even if in reality they are 99% the same. We can't really change the TRichString in shapes to be a TDrawingRichString because that would break all exiting code, so some stuff like this gets lost in the translation between TRichString<->TDrawingRichString.

Because of other issues we are actually adding some support for some rotated text, I am not sure it will be for the next release but I hope it will.

Btw, this is about rotated text in shapes, which is only a couple of options in 90 degrees:

If you are speaking about rotated text in the axis of a chart:


That is part of the tick options, but due to a bug it is not reported by APIMate or actually saved if you change it manually. That was fixed a couple of weeks ago, it will be available in the next release.


Thanks. Yes to clarify it is the text direction in the text box I need. I guess I may have to wait on some more. I am in no way trying to put undue pressure on because I know you are working fast and have many priorities to balance.

For us this one will be a show stopper for now. I can continue to work on the other stuff I need to figure out. But I will not be able to use this in release versions without this one.

This issue should be solved now, and APIMate should also report the correct code.

Looking forward to trying this out next week when I can download the update