Anyone successfully doing production apps?

Bruno pointed me to the forums to inquire if anyone is successfully doing line of business apps with FireMonkey?  I would love to hear your experiences and input--having just come from the XE5 roadshow last week, FMX has really come a long way from the XE2 days when I dug into it.  We are on the cusp of starting two mobile apps and I have to admit I am very curious about FMX as opposed to our planned strategy of Oxygene (which I love).  Our needs are pretty simple line-of-business apps coupled to our web services--nothing esoteric, fancy, or sexy, just run of the mill CRM type stuff.  If FMX is ready for prime time I am speculating I can save about 30% on my development time, but I can't seem to find anyone doing production apps--the current apps in iTunes and Google Play just don't cut it and EMBT didn't have any references I could talk to or they could point to (they did say they were working on case studies).  I will still probably do separate UI for each platform and probably will use TMS's CL controls for each platform if FMX is a possibility.

Thanks in advance for your replies and I would be happy to contact you outside the forum if you would rather not spill the beans publicly.

Hi Matthew,

We are within a week of beginning field testing of an enterprise app in the safety field.  The app will be deployed with AirWatch's MDM privately with an iOS Enterprise License.  By the end of this month it will be deployed on 70 iPads.  The app will be used by non-technical but skilled laborers in work with the potential for serious injury and fatalities.

The app uses TMS components and incorporates the following features:
-Mapping and Geocoding
-Download and caching of documents
-Legally binding signatures
-Job site diagramming
-Data entry
-Web Service bidirectional data transfers
-Offline usage


That looks very impressive!
We're curious to hear more details about it / see some screenshots.