Any suitable component to handle Json superobject

As I handling the result from my server which is a complex JSON structure as follow,


e.g. GitHub - onryldz/x-superobject: Delphi Cross Platform Rapid JSON
my question is there any dataset component suitable to easily handle this kind of complex structure, such as, when we load the clientDataset at Delphi IDE, we can have the nested dataset fields?

If TMS WebCore does not have this, then what is the best way that we can handle this more productive and efficient with lesser codes.


At this moment there is not a dataset in TMS WEB Core that can handle this directly.
There are the JSON functions in WEBLib.JSON for parsing such JSON object.
If you want such information in a TWebClientDataSet, you could handle this by parsing the incoming JSON and programmatically insert this in the structure you want in a TWebClientDataSet.