Any reccomendation how to style FNCGrid's filter dropdown?

I am using the filter feature of TTMSFNCGrid, which works fine. Though, I would like to increase the font size in that filter dropdown at least. The produced HTML looks hard-coded to me (from the underlying popup).

The filter is a TWebListBox. It's not directly accessible but with a class wrapper you can access the protected property. You can then access it in the OnFixedCellDropDownButtonClick event.

  TOpenGrid = class(TTMSFNCGrid);

procedure TForm30.TMSFNCGrid1FixedCellDropDownButtonClick(Sender: TObject; ACol,
  ARow: Integer; ACell: TTMSFNCGridCell);
  TOpenGrid(TMSFNCGrid1).FilterListbox.Font.Size := 20;
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Thanks Pieter! That works perfectly.
I already had a "SetDefault" helper, which I call on all Grids, to make them all look the same. I put the code there, and it works as expected.

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