Any plans on DataModeler for GraphQL, integration in sparkle?


I really like this new product a lot. Do You have any plans for further development and a time line for that?

Two features I would like to see:

  1. Something like DataModeler for GraphQL schemes. A possibility to export or even model a graphql schema for a given database.
  2. I would like to use sparkle server for GraphQL. If it is already possible: is there an example how to do it?

Kind regards

Thanks for the kind words Harald. Our next goals are:

  • Support for subscriptions.
  • Database-based demos.
  • Better integration with existing XData services and Aurelius entities.

You can use the GraphQL HTTP handler with any framework (like Sparkle, Indy, etc.) relatively easy. We don't have a ready-to-use demo yet, though. We will work on that as well.
Please feel free to add feature requests for GraphQL in the DEV feature request category.

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