Another deployment question: how to distribute files simply

I'm doing my dev work inside of a VM. The build process puts files into two folders: one for the server files, and one with the WEB Core files. They go to two different places.

First I copy them out to my host and put them into a Dropbox folder.

Then I switch to the host and open a window to cPanel's File Manager on the web host to upload the WEB Core files. (Only two or three if I don't change the graphics). This is mostly a drag-n-drop process from one Finder window to the web page with the cPanel File Manager open.

Next, I have to connect to my VPS (running Windows) and from there I open an Explorer window where I have a link I set up that reaches back into my desktop machine. (It seemed simpler than installing Dropbox, which seems to want to upload the entire frigging library I have there, which I don't want. Just ONE FOLDER is fine.) I copy the files from one Explorer window on my desktop machine to another Explorer window open to the local folder where they go.

It seems like there should be a way to click a button and push these files out to where they need to go. Maybe a combo of push and pull?

Does anybody know of anything that does this?

This is mainly for DEV needs where I'd do it several times a day. Formal releases would need a slightly different process, but mostly the same.

You could use GitHub and commit and push changes. Then just pull them down onto another server or to wherever you wish. You could set up a process to automatically pull committed files

What benefit is there to using github over Dropbox, Google Drive, NextCloud, or something similar that's more private and secure as a common repository?

FreeFileSync might also do the trick, but I think it will require a central repo.

There's also GoodSync.

All the benefits of a version control system, workflows, multi machine integration etc and git is not centralised, so you don't have to use github. But if you don't need that then I guess there is no benefit.

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+1 for GitHub. Repositories don't have to be public, so not sure there is any less security there than there is in any other cloud service. If you can manage to overlook Microsoft's ownership, that is. Also great if you want to share your project with someone else in a more workable way.

Another option is the good old standby approaches of FTP or RSync or any of the other methods of copying files between systems. Not hard to write a Windows script to use one of these commands to move files around, but does require that the systems involved have the same services available. FTP isn't so common these days, but is still an option. RSync is better in most respects.

I'm wanting to simplify the distribution of executables, not project files.