Android-iOS service example

Can you provide an example of Sparkle with Xdata module running as a service for servicing PWA (or web core code running in the mobile's browser) applications created with WEBcore?
The other possible way is to use the in-process server, but how can I use a Sqlite database (I am a bit negative about IndexedDB)?
And an other reason for having a service is to have the core application code native compiled for many reasons.

I don't see how different is a XData/Sparkle server for PWA than for any other client application? It's just the same server.
You can't use XData server-side with Web Core, i.e., you can't have a XData server in a web application.

That is for sure. My proposal is other:
You have some examples with sparkle servers. A useful example also is a sample mobile application that has an Xdata as a service (in android) that can be used by webcore code in the same device. This is more or less done by miletus but without the Xdata module

To rephrase it:
A PWA can use an internet Xdata server if device is on-line, or a local "inside device" native Xdata service if device is not on-line.
Is that possible?

I recall some customers mentioning they were running a XData server in an Android device, using the Indy-based server. But we never tried it at our side here, I think this is a very uncommon setup.