anchor property

Hi all

I have problems that I loose the connections if I open a dgr file which I made with an application when I open it with another application. I think it's a problem of how the anchors are saved in the dgr file. The anchors contain the name of the main form of the application!!

Anchor = fmDiagramEditor.StandardArrowBlock1

My two applications have different form names. If I change the form names in the dgr file before loading the file then the lines are connected to the blocks but if I don't change it I loose the connections.

I didn't yet try it with an actual version of Diagram Studio. Does it still work in this way or is it fixed on reading the file? Or is there an option not to save the form name with the anchors?

Thanks, Rolf

I suppose this is a very old version? Recent versions save the anchor prefixing it with DSOwner name.