Alternative to DefaultDrawColumnCell


i use the C++ Builder and want to change the color of a row in an DBAdvGrid. Depending on the value in the Database, when in one field i have a 1, the row should be in red.

What can i do? I read about bands. I set it to acitve and define a color. i test it with this

void __fastcall TBDFNeueBestellung::DBGridArtikelDrawCell(TObject *Sender, int ACol,
 int ARow, TRect &Rect, TGridDrawState State)
if(DataModule_BDF->sql_artikeldaten->FieldByName("ausverkauft")->AsString == "1") {

But i get not ShowBand at this point.

What can i do to solve my problem?

Did you check the sample ADOSelColor that shows exactly this, how you can change the cell color value dependent with the OnGetCellColor event?