Allow cached download of Installation....

It my applications, I would like to cache the download of the latest version for the user to complete the upgrade when they are ready. The download is quite large so if I can download the version update in the background quietly to the local system and then update allow the user to update the app, this eliminates the delay a user would have to experience with the download. I think this is a small change..... It would look something like this below.....

if TWebUpdate.NewVersionAvailable then
if TWebUpdate.IsNewVersionDownloaded then
else TWebUpdate.DoThreadDownloadOnly;

An event to track the download, i.e. OnDownloadOnly(position, size: Integer) to update a visual if desired would also be helpful.

Lastly on successful download, an event could be used to notify the app the download is available and then the app could allow the user to be notified that a new version is ready to be installed.