Aligning screen centre

This is probably covered in the documents somewhere, but I can't find it.

Is there a way to align forms horizontally in the screen centre or do you have to that in the html template?

You could do this with a template where you position a DIV centered and have the form hosted in this DIV. 
Alternatively, you could do this with code. This sample code snippet will always center a panel in the browser window:

procedure TForm3.WebFormResize(Sender: TObject);
  jsr: TJSDOMRect;
  jsr := document.body.getBoundingClientRect;

  webpanel1.Left := Round((jsr.right - jsr.left - webpanel1.Width) / 2);

thanks Bruno

This returns jsr.width correctly but not height. 

How to get browser window current height?

If you have scrollbars, this might indeed have a different height.
The browser window height is returned by window.height

jsr.height always returns small number (8, 24) 
window:TJSWindow does not have height but there are innerHeight and outerHeight. These are good.

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