After installing last TMS Flexcel for VCL_FMX update the Uninstall/Install button disappeared

When compiling demo TMSWeb_demos, it failed with lacking implementation:
[Error] WEBLib.TMSFNCGridData.pas(719): No matching implementation for interface method "procedure ITMSFNCDataBinderGrid.DataInsertRow(Longint) of Object" found

When looking into what is installed I found a few failed/lacking installation

First of all I found I cannot reinstall the VCL FLexcel components because the button lacks, but also the installer for TMS FNC Grid Excel Bridge lacks installation possibilities (last installation installed 2021 Feb. 26
The VCL Grid Excel Bridge on the other had installed ok and the uninstall/install button is visible

So it seems sometning is lacking in the registry

Separately, also uninstall/install button has disappeared for the Data modeler but would believe also a result of same error in registry ?

I don't develop the "VCL sub" app so I can't answer if something is wrong with it. I will let the people on charge know.

But can you uninstall FlexCel and Bridges from the "add and remove programs" in Windows? They should be listed as apps to uninstall, and you should be able to uninstall them from there. After that is done, I believe the VCL sub will let you reinstall them (and you can also reinstall them manually using the setup.exe).