After importing lots of tables with many relation

How do I tidy up the overlay like what is possible in eg. ER/Studio ?

I imported for testing an Oracle database which I design using ER/Studio 9.0 DE.

There are 53 tables and 63 relations, so after importing all seems rather clogged up :-)

IS there a command around that optimize the layout so the tables and relations look nice as what is possible in ER/Studio.

I  had to buy TMS Data modeler personally since ER/Studio neither support working with MySQL embedded procedures, views, functions and triggers, only table and relations, and not at all NexusDB which I use for all non-work related systems.
(Fior work I use Oracle together with ER/Studio XE DE)

Hope there is a command around to do this.

If you mean auto-layout the diagram, then unfortunately there is no such option in Data Modeler yet. We are investigating but could not find good algorithms for the auto layout.

Ok. Thx fo clarifications.