AdvTreeView : Onchanging equivalent


With advcolumnGrid, I use the event OnRowChanging to prevent to change row according to circunstances.

I try to do the same things with  new AdvTreView component using the OnBeforeSelectNode event. It works, but I find the “behavior” “curious”

Original situation (node in blue + a dotted box)

After the OnBeforeSelectNode event on clicking “+3?”, and the ACanSelect variable set to False; we obtain this figure

Moreover, when I use these functions :



both returns the same value “+3?” whereas the selection had been refused (ACanSelect := False)

According to me, both select or focused node should be remain the previous one “VOL”

Is it correct? or my procedure id incorrect ?

Kind regards


The focused node should indeed not change when ACanSelect = false.
We will investigate this.